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Delayed Introduction of Me


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Hello my name is Eric Moore or known as "ericspace1" in game i have been playing on Rencorner for about a month now and i thought i should introduce myself like i just did.

My hobbies are computer gaming, i am "{R.M}seems legit" on steam and i enjoy beautiful game graphics (<- total nerd). This server is the second best server i have visited, if there is a topic where i can suggest things about that nice server i visited in 1.6.6 and then lost, i would be happy to. This server is great and i would love to make it even better. :D


These are the games i have,

Audio Surf, Bang Bang Racing, Battlefield 3, The Binding of Issac, Borderlands, Skyrim, Gotham City Impostors, GTA 4, L.A. Noire, LFD2, LIMBO, Magicka, Minecraft (no duh), Portal 2, TF2 and Track Mania.


Fell free to friend me on steam i'm always happy to play with friends! :D

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I have seen you many times in-game, I am one of the Minecraft Mods, known as "Player" in the game if you we're not already aware, It is good to see you have taken the time to become active on our forums, and a late welcome to RenCorner. :D

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