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Hey this is Matt

i live down in florida

currently a college student talking ASL, Calc 2 and Chemistry

i played renegade for the first time yesterday and got my butt kicked

ive been playing minecraft since april '12

ive been staff on two separate server, a semi-vanilla server and a pve bukkit server (bad pvp-copy) but the owner only wanted money so.... im looking for a great server to help build from the ground up

i have knowledge in LWC, coreprotect, world edit, (some) essentials, and can learn other add-ons


p.s. ok talk to you next time the forum resets

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Guest Animoski

Is this the Krusty Krab?

Also, i'm taking the most legit backups from now on, no more forum resets. Promise. :wub:

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Guest Animoski

No, in all honesty, the odds of us having to reset the forums is little to none.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us Bio!

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