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Lolmanor's Long Awaited Intro


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Finally, I am writing this intro because Volcom is a forceful man (Not that I don't like that).

What is there even removely worth saying about me?

Well, for starters, I'm completely dumb. A lot of times I will say contradicting things (I can't even think of any examples right now). Furthermore, I say things that make no sense, because my thought process is super dumb.

Then, I am terrible at aiming. I just can't manage to get headshots unless the enemy is on a completely flat surface (So don't trust me as a sharpshooter on killing floor).

Also, I mostly play Killing Floor, just because I can't stand Minecraft. I've played the crap out of Minecraft, to the point where it will bore me to death if I play it any more.

The best part of me is I have the amazing talent of making horrible jokes/puns when something really dumb happens.

Finally, a part of me that I usually don't talk about unless it's with someone who also does this, I watch animes, many of them. If you think I should watch something, send me a message on steam or something. 

Other than that, I am a completely boring person with no special abilities at all.

Now that this is over, I can continue playing without being plagued by the reminder of doing this.


I guess I'm a free man now,


Also, I'm participating in the Killing Floor Free Level Contest!

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Glad to see you like our servers, and I hope you are on good terms, for your own sake ( :P )


Also, our minecraft server should change your opinion. That is, when ready (within the next few days)


Feel free to join our current one at:



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