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Hello I want to welcome you to Rencorner Challenges, this is fun and friendly competition between everyone in the community on different games to test each others skills for prizes.  We are currently doing challenges for four games: C&C Renegade, Minecraft, Killing Floor, DOTA.  In the future we will advance to more games with more challenges.  Please keep checking this topic for updates every month, I will update the first topic and create a new post every month with new challenges and new prizes.  We here at Rencorner want everyone to have fun and compete and wish everyone the best of luck. Let the games begin.


General Rules:

  • All challenges must be done in a Rencorner Server
  • No cheating
  • You are only allowed to win once a month
  • Everyone is allowed to compete
  • There will be no smack talking of any kind
  • Have fun



  • This is paid for and fully ran by Volcom & Rencorner Admins, no donation money is used on the competition.
  • We will try to do different competition every month with different games and prizes.
  • A lot of the prizes will be Steam games but there will also be Origin games and just downloadable games + music + skins (ect)



October Challenge:




  • Get a 30.0 k.d. or better in the Marathon Server on the map C&C_Artic_RxD.mix.

Rules: Must provide a screenshot or video with you writing the date in chat please post in this topic: Screenshot Submission





Rules: Must be done by the 25th and screenshots must be posted in this topic to be entered in the voting: Screenshot Submission

No game modes, must be done clean without any commands



Killing Floor:

  • Will be announced soon!

Rules: Must be played in the Rencorner Insane server, post screenshot in: Screenshot Submission





WIll be Announced Soon!




Please note this is my first time doing anything like this so be patient with me as I learn new and better ways to do this.

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Okay I had a lot of shit happen on the end of October and this month so I skipped this month for new years I am gonna do challenges again so keep looking..



Lundy pm me on steam to claim your prize

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Well, get with Theilsomers, see if you can help him kickstart his events he's trying to do here(all over the forum, you can't miss it). The prizes aren't the problem, it's getting people interested.

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Yes that's been my difficulty is getting staff and community members into to help I'm running every thing just trying to get the community's input

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