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So people, of the community, THIS COMMUNITY, RenCorner.


I will make an very effort into being more active on the forums but less active with the folks that game and discuss their politics on TeamSpeak because my laptop, which I used for all this fun malarchy, has malfunctioned with it's charger. I am yet to find time to fix it. I want to ensure people understand if they don't see I, root [DrSithis] on as much as I used to, or in my channel, The Acorez Channel, it is not because I hate any of you or just feel like NOT appearing anymore.


On a second note, I also have more work than what I anticipated. I work for the datacenters, yes I'm living the every geeks life. I do much of the talented skills some of you will never master unless I teach you(it's a pun you'll eventually find it).


Just thought I'd give everyone the heads up on my disappearance(No I wasn't raided, atleast not yet nor do they have reason to).



root - DrSithis. ~ You're friendly and lovable technology nerd.

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Lol thanks root for posting this, Much appreciation, I Hope u get things fixed soon man, And joo need to teach me to use linux ^.^

I heard you know alot about it, Why not :P


Anywayz man, I Hope things get together soon dude, take care, for real :)

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dronez, I know a lot.


Gumby, obrigado.


I will miss you all, and I will work on getting my laptop fixed asap, maybe even buy a better laptop so that I can play the good games, like C&C Renegade in HD(which I already did).

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shaitan, it's a simple wiring issue. Nothing serious. I could always just hotwire the charger into the laptop itself. As for you BiLLaBoNg, maybe if Jason loves you enough he'll give you my number for further contact. :)

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