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Renegade on WIndows 8 64-bit?


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Is there a way to play Renegade on windows 8 64-bit?


I am unable to install win xp after upgrading to WIn 8 64-bit.

There is no XP mode, renegade errors out when trying to install in windows 8 compatibility mode.

I got steam to install but it only plays in windowed mode which sux, can't go full screen.


The only reason I went to 64-bit was to utilize my 32gb of ram, but if I cant game on it.....fuck it ..it all goes back.


I am willing to downgrade to the 32-bit version, if I can somehow make a ram disk out of the extra 16gb of ram, and use that to install games on (since windows wont use it), but I cant seem to figure that out either. My 1st attempt was a major failure. (Had to reformat everything and start over after downloading over 100 updates to windows 8.)


I tried to make a Virtual Machine. I got windows XP up and running inside of it, still trying to figure out how to get my VM to connect to internet, but I also cant figure out how to make it full screen...so even if I get it connected, not sure I can use it to play ren.


I been working on this for about a week now........haven't been able to play at all, and Im starting to get the shakes.


At this point, Im willing to buy Win 7 pro, but not sure if Ren will play on that either.



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I have the original ren disc, just wondering if I need to try "the first decade" one.


Is that what your using dentes?


 Do you happen to have the steps to install it or a link, to a guide?


(I can handle putting it into the cd and running in compatibility mode as an administrator...I currently get an error at 7% installing the always.dat file.


"FILE SYSTEM ERROR PLEASE INSERT GAME DISC" of course the game disc is already in and the data disc doesn't help either.


bah more googling......and another day lost without a game of ren

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I have no idea if this will help with the installation but for any stubborn cds I find, I copy their contents to my desktop or whatever and install from the copy rather than the disc; for some reason it works 80% of the time for me

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File system error? That sounds all too familiar.

For me, the problem was my anti-virus suite was silently preventing the install, even when the setup/installer was elevated to admin. As such, I suggest temporarily turning off such program(s) before installing.


If that fails as well as the iso, the other option is to go in to the data cabs on the disk with 7zip or winrar (or other similar) and manually copy/paste the files into a premade folder. Its the same as the install, but bypasses the installer which sometimes just gets invisi-blocked. The downside, none of the registry files are created which includes the serial key. Some servers block 'null' serials as there were more than a few cheaters in the past who cleared their key.

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D: i feel for you man, im sorry you got windows 8 D:


p.s i heard with the windows 8 u cannot downgrade to earlier versions: xp,vista,7, etc..

If you can downgrade i heard it is really really hard

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Thanks for the help guys.

I was unable to copy the contents of the CD to the harddrive. It copied about 30% and then crashed the whole system. I tried this a couple times, and never got it to work.


I actually bought windows 7 home premium, but it will waste 16gb of ram if I use it. I really wouldn't mind keeping it, if I can use the extra 16gb in a Ram drive to install games on. When I tried, I had to reinstall. FIrst I tried installing XP, but I couldn't get through the installation. I then tried 32bit windows 8 and couldn't get through installation, finally I tried 64bit windows 8 and it installed and ran normal.


I don't have any antivirus installed yet, just the drivers and the windows updates. (maybe windows has one installed I dunno about...Ill check.)


I'm wondering if my system has some compatibility issue with 32-bit programs, since I couldn't install either Xp or Win8 32-bit versions from DVD.


Intel i7 3820 sandy bridge-e

Intel Extreme DX79Si

32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 Quad Channel



EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (Upgrading soon)

ASUS VG248QE 24in 144Hz refresh 1ms 3d monitor on DVI-D cable. 1920*1080 @ 130Hz

LG Flatron W1952TQ 2ms 19" 1440*900 60Hz


I bought The first decade CD at half price books for 5.99, so Ill give that a try, if not Ill risk the infection and head over to pirate bay for an ISO, then to google to figure out why Volcom wants me to mount my windows 8.....sicko. :pcsmash:

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Strange how it failed to even copy of the disk. I'll see if mine does that later today. There is a way to get it installed, you shouldn't need to downgrade the OS just to play a game, we just haven't found it yet heh.




win7 will use 16gb of ram?




win7 64bit home basic is capped at 8GB, home premium at 16GB, professional and up 192GB

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So...are we all pretty sure, windows 7 pro would solve the problem?


I don't want to have to go through this,  every time I want to install something. So far, the only thing that has worked right for me is windows 8, everything else I have tried to install either won't work, or won't work right.


Ex. Monitor won't do the 144hz...still have some tweaks to try, but why should I have to tweak it to get it to run what they advertise on the box.

Ren wont install at all...plays through the install video to 7% then freezes windows.

Steam would install in compatibility mode, but wont play full screen...COD black OPS II acts like it will play but gets stuck in an endless menu loop when trying to launch game.


The monitor was an open box from newegg, and the cable wouldn't read as a DVI-D connection, so I replaced it with an overpriced $30 one and got it up to 130Hz in 1080, which should play 3d fine and game nicely....but I may never find out, SINCE I CANT INSTALL ANY WORKING GAMES.....


Maybe the monitor is a dud and the resolution is causing all the problems....Ill uninstall drivers and try with my other monitor and see if that helps, otherwise....you guys know of a place to get win 7 pro for less then $139?

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I know everything. Windows 8 is meant for those touchscreen computers. A good decent gaming computer runs Windows XP or WIndows 7, tho that is the vast majority. Windows 8 is good for somethings, tho it's just a rip of Apple products due to the fact "App Store" heh.

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