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Promotions, Demotions, and Other Updates!


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Hello everyone!


Well I am pleased to announce we have some promotions and new within RenCorner!




-We have our very own Counter Strike: Global Offensive server up and running! Billabong will be making a post tonight will all of the details. If you wish to be involved with CS:Go please let Billabong know.


-The lag and crashing issue with minecraft has been resolved! Please enjoy the new and improved minecraft server and get to building.


-Rencorner will be offering monthly prizes for all games. Details to come shortly!


-Server numbers are up for all the gaming servers we host! Keep up the good work guys.






-Good-one-Driver has replaced Billabong as the new Killing Floor Admin!

-Billabong has taken on the role of Administrator in Counter Strike: Global Offensive!


Senior Mods:

-Feda, jks, Applez, and Billabong have been promoted to Senior Mods of Renegade!


Full Mods:

-WNxProtos, [-HOH-]Manta, Nraacedil have been promoted to Full Mods in Renegade!

-SovietWolf has been accepted as full mod in Killing Floor!


Congratulations to everyone promoted!





-OSTKSarah has been moved to the veterans group.



-Skeeze, SpEeDr, WNxsmokey, newtown19, and [synC]Tuus666 have been removed due to extended lack of activity.


*Please note if you do not agree with the demotion or removal to PM an administrator and we can look into it.


Lastly, I want to thank all the members of the community for staying with RenCorner. We hope you guys enjoy the community and the servers and look forward to having you all in the community in the future!

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