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[Applications Closed]**Read First Before Applying**


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Moderator applications are currently closed until we sort how many we have.

If you'd like to become a moderator on our Killing Floor servers, you will have to create your own thread in the Killing Floor Applications section using the format posted below.

Applications will be moved over to the Killing Floor moderator section to be reviewed and discussed.

1) What is your real name?

2) What is your steam name?

3) How often do you play in our Killing Floor servers?

4) How old are you?

5) How long have you been playing Killing Floor?

6) Summarize in at least 20 words why you'd be a great addition to the RenCorner staff.

7) Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We usually have a wait period of 7 days to discuss this. We're not always on at the same times.

Note: if you are going to put an application in and be inactive for weeks/months after, don't bother applying.

Note note: IRC is mandatory for all of our moderators.

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