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Haters gonna hate :P


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i just wanted to say that this is the best community i have ever found myself part of , and i want to thank everyone for cool games and good times that we have.

And special thanks to people who have helped me out at times  :

Volcom for what he does :)

OSTKshai , OSTKdronez,OSTKj0k3r,OSTKp4in for helping me with technical stuff

Whitedragon and devs for teaching me how to set up a server ,yeah lan parties are MUCH BETTER NOW TY (ty for all the work you do to renegade)

[root] and [tiny] for helping me out in IRC

Dreadwar for teaching me the game

[HoH]Manta,ostkleon,dronez ... for aiding me in snipe

Woj for MAMA :P

DISPLAY <3,darkz,Kenny,dreadwar,jayz,iheb,zeus(you suck),billiejoe,M0nster,Feda,Mikey,n00bking,Italy,Drag,ehh,....AND EVERYONE ELSE for the great time i have had with you guys.


no i am not leaving or anything ,unless you want me too :P , i just wanted to express my gratitude to this wonderful community :D

keep 'em comin   ;) 



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Thank you for your dedication to RenCorner!


I hope you can call this community home for much longer!

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