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Well I have came home to quite the mess that occurred on these forums. I have been told it has been solved but I will weigh in.


First of all I am very disappointed this happened at all. We all are mature enough to know where the line is and we should know not to cross it. There were many things that were posted that never should of been. I have removed these topics and I do not want to see anymore of them again. I am not talking about random trolling. That is acceptable, but telling someone to take their own life or go die is completely and utterly distasteful  and disrespectful. The two individuals know who you are and it does not need to be repeated again. From what shaitan  told me everything has been dealt with so I will leave it at that. 


If any individual that was involved wants or feels they would like to speak to me about what happened feel free to pm on here, the irc, or teamspeak. I am more then willing to discuss the problem and possible solutions.


Furthermore, a lot of these problems could of been handled differently. Personal messenger could of been utilized or one of the administrators could of been pmed to deal with the issue directly.


I would like to make it clear everyone is welcome at Rencorner and know one should feel uncomfortable here, nor unwelcome. If you are ever made to feel that way come forward directly to the person or one of the higher staff members to get the problem dealt with. I would also like to make it clear that this is the internet and we can't monitor everything. There is no way to stop trolling, we can just try to keep it light-hearted and fun.


I do not think anyone actually wished someone inflict intentional bodily harm to themselves. I believe it was a meant to be a joke that went too far. The people involved and the situation is solved. I hope this can be put in the past and we can all move on. I would hate this to cause more issues down the road. I say we forgive, but not forget. Remember what happened and that it should never happen again.

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i said sorry for my part so i'd like the other person to step forward and apologize for telling me to commit suicide in real life and take my own life. So for anyone who believed this was all my side you need to know that someone else took it a step further from my post and told me in all serious to take my life and that i would be doing the world a favour if i did. I'm man enough to admit i'm sorry and it would be nice if the other person was man enough to apologize too


EDIT: Furthermore, i'd just like to add that my post was a joke and never intended to be taken this seriously, Volcom can back me up on this because he and many others were laughing while i was doing it (some even joined in), Also, Anyone that dislikes my posts or me in general should simply go ahead and add me to their ignore list on the forums.

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