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This is for my uncle :(


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Well from what I got out of the song it is a very sad story. I want to tell you it is never easy to deal with a loss: especially one that occurs in a manner that wasn't natural. I am sorry that the justice system didn't avenge your uncle and I wish you would of had more time with him. It isn't easy to deal with loss like this, but you can't let it control your life. If you need someone to talk to I am here. I know quite a bit about losing people close to you. Stay strong man and thanks for trusting the community enough to post this.

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Thanks for your support, yeah its a horrible experience to feel and i wish it didnt happen.


He was like a best friend to me and it left me heart broken, i just wanted to tell u guys, dont take ur family or any1 else for granted.


i trust this community fully, theres nothing to mock about that video either, and plus if someone does i guess it'll just show me how evil they really are.

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