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If you wish to show your support to RenCorner please donate at our on site link:
Donate here
Donators receive status on forums and also gain many benefits in minecraft.
I would also like to note that all donations made go towards the server payments. No donations will be spent for personal matters.
Donations let us know you support the community and like what we are doing. Your donations help to lower our server costs and help our developers improve our servers.
If there are any discrepancies that arise paypal logs can be released and shown where your money has been spent.
Thank you in advanced for any donations!

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Since we've never officially written it in here(been in topics and word-of-mouth):


Donate $10 and you'll get a Teamspeak channel of your own and the nifty Donator tag on the forum. 


Current examples:


  • Killing Floor - 3 Perk levels per 1 class.
  • Minecraft - VIP rank with its perks.
  • Terraria - Access to Donator area for housing and Creative mode(more whenever things are fixed***may also be lower***)
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