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Well this has been very unpleasant experience. My name and the name of our community has been questioned and dragged through the mud for the duration of this ordeal. Until this point I have not commented, replied, or took part in any conversation on Renegade Forums or my my side of the story public. I feel I owe you guys what happened on my account. Anything I post here is from my own personal irc logs, paypal, and cell phone. I do not intend to attack Animoski on any level in this post. There has been enough talk about Animoski personal life and choices and if you want to read that go to Renegade Forums. I am just going to present the fact I have and hope you see I acted in a way that best protects Rencorner, its servers and the people in it. 

First off I want to apologize that this ever happened and for the length of time it took to get back up. There were many factors involved with restoring everything which I will get into more detailed later on. I can confirm all our servers are back up and running and I have no fear of a security breach. 


I sent the first payment of Neron Host to Animoski on October 29th. It was in the amount of $420.00 (Trying to be funny because of his habit). I then proceeded to send three more $200.00 payments for a total of $1020.00. This gave me 50% share in the Neron host business and Head Administrator of Rencorner.

*Note During the time of these payment I made the first server bill payment. That did not come off of the amount I owed Animoski or act as a donation.


In the paypal you can see I made the next 5 server payments and sent another $160 to Animoski. That money I will reference later on**, but the $1020.00 I sent was gone. I would also like to note we were receiving donations at this time and you can clearly see I was paying the bills.


Here you can see Continued payments for the servers, payments for IRC (Nite-Serv), and another random $50 to Animoski. Then we see a payment of $500 and of $60. The $500 was for the control of Rencorner. The $60 was a birthday present for Animoski.

I recieved this text right after the money was obtained:



Immediately after he tries to change our deal.

As for our deal I will show you our IRC conversation  outlining it.

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:26:23) (Trojan) r u there?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:26:54) (Animoski) yo

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:01) (Trojan) ur thinking of removing me?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:18) (Animoski) wait what?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:26) (Animoski) lmao where in the fuck did you even hear that

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:31) (Trojan) u dont like the way i run things apparently?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:45) (Trojan) and the way things have been changing in renegade and u not being involved?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:28:59) (Animoski) things could be done better but i dont even give a shit or whine to people about it

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:29:23) (Trojan) dude u better not tell people ur thinking of removing me

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:29:27) (Animoski) im not even saying you specifically like the shit between blacky and wd still has me bugging especially with blacky gone

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:29:31) (Trojan) thats not fucking cool

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:29:39) (Animoski) bro i never said anything like that to anyone

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:29:52) (Animoski) i demand to know who told you that or i cant even trust you at this point

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:00) (Trojan) i have done a shitload for this community and you and u know that

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:22) (Animoski) are you fucking retarded?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:27) (Animoski) do you really think id say that to anyone?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:31) (Trojan) im the first person u come to when u have a problem and i do everything i can to help u

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:39) (Trojan) i hope not

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:50) (Animoski) yeah bro like i'd like to break up this wonderful thing i have with you right?

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:30:58) (Trojan) idk even know who it is.. i got some random msg from some guy at jelly

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:31:10) (Trojan) saying u were saying this on ts last week

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:31:25) (Animoski) on some no homo shit i love you and yeah your money helps but youre the nigga i come to even when it wasnt bout that money

(02:56:46) (@Trojan) (09:31:38) (Trojan) so i came to u like i always do when i hear shit

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:31:44) (Trojan) good i love u too man

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:32:01) (Animoski) why would i talk shit behind your back? you should know with the little time i even spend around these days i dont even have an opinion on how things are going anymore

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:32:07) (Trojan) i dont want to feel like i am your employee or some shit

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:32:23) (Trojan) we are supposed to be equals and i dont want to feel anything less

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:32:28) (Animoski) and thats on me i think whoever told you that shit is just trolling the fuck out of you

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:33:05) (Animoski) i probably pissed off recently or a while ago some random jelly fag (or maybe this upcomming war has niggas hunting me down?) and hes trying to fuck shit up

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:33:17) (Animoski) i guarantee i wasnt saying anything bad about you i have no reason too

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:33:46) (Trojan) k good cuz dude i am paying these bills every month and i get nothing but dealing with shit in our servers in return

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:34:13) (Animoski) you knew that was going to happen right?

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:34:20) (Animoski) i mean youve ran comms in the past lol

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:34:45) (Trojan) yea but i have this in my head that u can demote me back down

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:35:25) (Trojan) so when i hear shit like that it hits a nerve

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:38:12) (Trojan) If u want me to be honest I dont want anyone to be able to say oh ur not an owner anymore, including u. I mean I want to be an equal owner with you. I don't want you above me or me above you. I want us to be equal and work together. I don't want you to get pissed at me or something and say "oh well ill put u back down to head

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) admin".. that shit is always in the back of my head

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:40:17) (Animoski) if you want me to be real i think i would be able to demote you back down. i mean in reality i put everything together and everythings still under my name to an extent. but the reality is that ill also never really do that i dont see a reason to unless you start fucking me in a way which i cant see how or why youd even do that

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) i wouldnt worry about what other people say and put words in my mouth

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:40:17) (Animoski) since day 1 if ive had problems with people i brought it up to their face why would i even go out of my way to tell some random jelly guy that im goign to demote you? like lol

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:41:30) (Animoski) i know thats probably not what you wanna hear but idk you already know how im on the illest backseat of things

(02:56:47) (@Trojan) (09:44:07) (Trojan) well u did found it and pulled it together but dude im trying to hold it together right now... like u can't expect me to pay the bills every month and know u can just remove me

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:44:11) (Trojan) that doesn't make sense

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:44:58) (Animoski) like i said if we ever cross that bridge it wouldnt be easy to make that kind of decision

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:48:07) (Trojan) well i want to feel secure.

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:54:11) (Animoski) i know this is going to sound grimey but pretty much i got an xbox cause im pretty much done with rencorner

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:54:21) (Animoski) if you want me to be honest i wanna go back to competitive cod im done with pc baby drama bs lol

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:54:36) (Animoski) if you were to cop me bops2 id be playin tournies by this weekend lol

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:54:55) (Animoski) my guarantee of security is pretty much that right now

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:55:04) (Animoski) ill be around less you take up my role cuzzo

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:57:40) (Trojan) what does that mean?

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:03) (Trojan) (09:54:36) (Animoski) if you were to cop me bops2 id be playin tournies by this weekend lol

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:10) (Trojan) (09:55:04) (Animoski) ill be around less you take up my role cuzzo

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:34) (Trojan) ooo

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:35) (Trojan) yea

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:40) (Trojan) ur birthday present

(02:56:48) (@Trojan) (09:58:42) (Animoski) i mean i plan on being around a lot less if anything stepping down if that even means anything (like my input not being valued anymore)

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (09:59:07) (Animoski) but i miss xbox a lot man no joke im tired of rene mc league lol

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (09:59:16) (Trojan) yea ill get it for u dude thats what u wanted for ur birthday

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:00:09) (Animoski) im basically broke right now till next friday lmao, work sucks cant even afford a craigslist xbox and game lmao

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:00:28) (Trojan) well if ur seriously going to be on xbox all the time dont step down

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:00:34) (Trojan) go into a retired roll

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:00:49) (Trojan) and ill just give u some cash for recorner

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:01:03) (Trojan) role*

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:01:11) (Trojan) i dont want u ever gone from recorner

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:01:13) (Trojan) ever

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:01:17) (Animoski) i wouldnt mind that couild get a scuff controller :D

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:02:14) (Trojan) k but i pay for rencorner the limestone shit needs to go in my name

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:02:27) (Trojan) and i want to still be partners in neron host

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:03:02) (Animoski) so what ill be giving you full single "owner" title of rc, i become "ceo

(02:56:49) (@Trojan) (10:03:04) (Animoski) or some other shit?

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:06) (Trojan) our profit arangements will stay the same but it the limestone account will be in my name?

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:15) (Trojan) put u as founder or something

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:26) (Animoski) and basically do the same thing ive been doing?

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:37) (Trojan) yep

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:51) (Trojan) but u wont like this part

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:03:57) (Trojan) u wouldnt be able to get rid of me

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:04:24) (Trojan) though idk why ud want to get rid of the love of ur life haha

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:12:09) (Trojan) ?

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:12:46) (Trojan) is this something u really wanna do dude? ur really done with this?

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:13:55) (Animoski) i mean i like it here

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:14:04) (Animoski) i just prefer xbox :/

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:14:19) (Animoski) and yeah i wouldnt mind doing it

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:14:21) (Animoski) if you dont lol

(02:56:50) (@Trojan) (10:14:45) (Animoski) i could use the money honestly i could really use like $500-600 honestly to cop this and that and shit

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:16:16) (Animoski) honestly meeting a couple of people here means a lot to me, you keen master and a few others are my e-lovebirds

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:16:37) (Trojan) Well Id give u $500

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:16:44) (Trojan) and yea we love u too dude

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:16:49) (Trojan) we have all got really close

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:17:38) (Animoski) mad memories bro

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:17:44) (Animoski) thats the thing i hate right now same shit with xbox

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:17:49) (Animoski) i hate sucking dick in games and i blow lol

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:17:54) (Animoski) on pc

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:19:29) (Trojan) u were getting good at snipe

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:19:33) (Trojan) and ur awesome at lol

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:19:53) (Animoski) i plan on sticking with LoL

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:20:01) (Animoski) favorite game ive ever played on pc tbh

(02:56:51) (@Trojan) (10:20:09) (Trojan) yea ill play once and a while and try to get better lol

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:20:21) (Animoski) i hate it a bit tho cause the beginning makes it feel long as fuck and easy 50min games = tiresome lol

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:20:25) (Animoski) cod its like 15-20min a map

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:20:39) (Trojan) yea true

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:21:16) (Trojan) k.. well look into seeing if we can tranfer the ownership over on limestone cuz thats the main thing i need on my end

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:21:36) (Trojan) and if ur still sure about this by friday ill give u the $500 then

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:21:42) (Animoski) could do it tonight ?

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:21:46) (Animoski) yeah trust me im sure

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:21:47) (Trojan) and ill buy ur game tomorrow or thursday

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:22:11) (Trojan) well i am willing but id rather wait a day or two

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:22:24) (Trojan) we need to go over details and shit

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:22:37) (Animoski) imma see if i can buy the game online from xbox?

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:22:39) (Animoski) download it nd shit

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:22:41) (Trojan) just pick out what ur gonna buy if ur that sure haha

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:23:15) (Animoski) well i want black ops 2 for sure thats the game i need to have right now

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:23:30) (Animoski) and i wouldnt mind a $150 or so scuff controller im going to sell my current cap card nd shit to get a better simpler one

(02:56:52) (@Trojan) (10:24:02) (Animoski) if the only thing im losing out on is you not being able to be kicked out you go to owner and im founder im down

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:24:19) (Animoski) i just hope you dont go nazi ass is all i still wanna be sure everthings in the best hands

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:24:32) (Trojan) im gonna do the exact same shit dude

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:24:44) (Trojan) this is how i run honda and this is how i run here

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:24:48) (Animoski) were good then np

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:25:05) (Animoski) im still making decisions in neronhost nd shit too right?

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:25:19) (Animoski) i mean once i get more time off school or some shit ill be doing that to make money

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:23) (Trojan) yea this si rencorner

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:26) (Trojan) not neronhost

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:34) (Animoski) perfect

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:40) (Trojan) neron host isnt involved in the deal

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:41) (Animoski) anything else you wanna ask or whatever dont be afraid too

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:26:59) (Animoski) btw would i be able to get into my own shit in rencorner then? like if i wanna go into cs go or w,e?

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:27:15) (Trojan) well whatever i do in rencorner i dont want u to over rule me or anything

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:28:14) (Trojan) like if ur taking a backseat in renegade or minecraft i dont want u to come and bitch about something or try to change it... u know. Unless its complete extreme

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:28:19) (Trojan) completely*

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:29:56) (Animoski) i havent done that at all anyways

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:30:06) (Trojan) like if i am buying rencorner I want to make sure I have the final say in everything unless it is completely opposed by most and is going to ruin us

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:30:12) (Trojan) oh i know

(02:56:53) (@Trojan) (10:30:18) (Trojan) i am doing what ifs right now

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:30:45) (Animoski) i mean you still gotta give people says right?

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:00) (Trojan) oh

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:03) (Trojan) like i said

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:09) (Trojan) it will be ran the same way

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:36) (Trojan) but u wont be able to over rule me unless its going to destroy rencorner u know?

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:40) (Animoski) yup

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:31:41) (Trojan) thats what i mean

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:32:25) (Animoski) i feel you thats no prob

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:32:53) (Trojan) k

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:34:35) (Trojan) and the limestone thing can be changed yea?

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:35:21) (Animoski) theres nothing to change i think

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:35:26) (Animoski) just the resller portion is in neron host's name

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:36:23) (Trojan) one.limestone.com

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:36:28) (Trojan) thats all in ur name

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:36:51) (Trojan) mine needs to be on there

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:37:10) (Animoski) whats in my name specifically?

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:37:13) (Trojan) so u cant just come wipe me out if something, god forbin, happens

(02:56:54) (@Trojan) (10:37:16) (Animoski) like tell me exactly what has to be changed

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:37:45) (Trojan) the address

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:37:47) (Trojan) the phone

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:37:56) (Trojan) the name on the account

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:38:07) (Trojan) i cant even log in with the account i created

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:38:14) (Trojan) i have to use the animoski one

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:38:59) (Animoski) ill look into it tomorrow after work

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:39:16) (Animoski) you said you can cop me the game tomorrow?

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:39:40) (Trojan) ye

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:40:32) (Animoski) yeah i can buy it through xbox

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:41:41) (Trojan) k

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:41:51) (Animoski) and i can use paypal to pay

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:42:29) (Trojan) k

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:42:46) (Trojan) ok

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:42:56) (Trojan) so ill just need to send u the money to urs?

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:43:05) (Animoski) yeah i guess

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:43:47) (Animoski) i love you btw

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:44:54) (Trojan) i love u too

(02:56:55) (@Trojan) (10:45:07) (Trojan) u better still be around on ts or irc

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:45:33) (Trojan) i know u cant be on all the time if ur on xbox but i still want to see u :S

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:51:17) (Animoski) ill be around haha

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:52:14) (Trojan) ok

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:52:31) (Trojan) k dude i know u wanna go play xbox lol

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:52:49) (Trojan) ill be around for an other hour then im going to bed

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:53:25) (Animoski) im workin tomorrow nd got class nd shit but i might be around later at night

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:53:34) (Animoski) play some league?

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:55:49) (Trojan) now?

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:55:58) (Animoski) na tomorrow :P

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:56:04) (Animoski) playing gamebattles right now competitive cod

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:56:06) (Trojan) oh yea im down for tomorrow

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:56:10) (Animoski) http://www.twitch.tv/gb_animosky

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:56:18) (Animoski) watch me play a clan match 3v3 search on mw3

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (10:56:20) (Trojan) kk

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (11:09:23) (Trojan) [20:52:28] <zunnie> im stepping kind of down from gaming and all, so im not gonna extend the ircd anymore, ill let fear know asap so he can take it over if he wants to [Tue, Apr 23 12:33:49 PM]

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (11:09:28) (Trojan) pmed to cronus

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (11:10:56) (Animoski) whend you get that

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (11:12:17) (Trojan) cronus just said it to me

(02:56:56) (@Trojan) (11:12:37) (Animoski) o_o

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:13:44) (Trojan) shai says he does it all the time though

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:13:51) (Trojan) btw from what i seen ur awesome at cod

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:14:12) (Trojan) howd u buy bop2 already?

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:19:28) (Animoski) ive been doing teribad all night havent played for 2 years

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:19:43) (Animoski) im downloading a 2 day trail demo which downloads the whole game i still gotta pay for it

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:20:39) (Trojan) oh

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:20:41) (Trojan) ok

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:21:42) (Animoski) we're about to play some good kids :(

(02:56:57) (@Trojan) (11:22:26) (Trojan) kk


Well i know that was a read, but the main points are he was the one who said he was done, he was the one who said $500-$600. I arranged the agreement. He agreed. He wanted it done right away. I said no take a few days to think about it. He did and he still wanted the money.


Now let me show you some older texts from when Animoski orginally tried to sell me Rencorner and Neron Host and I denied him.




This has been him constantly wanting money and using me as an ATM. He always had stories about things that happened and that is what originally caused me not to trust him. I can best explain that with this IRC log:

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:40:47 ]   [ Animoski ] people dont throw me a fucking bone and im seceretly more depressed than anyone teamspeaks ever had

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:40:53 ]   [ Animoski ] you know that picture on skype is me?

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:02 ]   [ Animoski ] those other pictures youve seen were also me

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:14 ]   [ Animoski ] wanna know what happened?

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:20 ]   [ Trojan ] throw u a bone?

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:27 ]   [ Trojan ] dude i helped u all the time

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:34 ]   [ Trojan ] im givig u money in the next few weeks

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:43 ]   [ Trojan ] and what happened?

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:41:48 ]   [ Animoski ] mom got cancer thought she was going to die, got kicked out of the biggest catholic high school in america, girlfriend dumped me for a motherfucking lesbian and i started smoking weed all at the same time

(03:07:09) (@Trojan) [ 08:42:11 ]   [ Animoski ] you know how fucked up it is to me be?

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:42:28 ]   [ Animoski ] oh btw i lied to you bout the ticket

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:42:34 ]   [ Trojan ] well u have rencorner now.. u have ppl to talk to.. friends

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:42:36 ]   [ Animoski ] there is no fucking ticket

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:42:46 ]   [ Trojan ] what do u mean?

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:43:09 ]   [ Animoski ] one of my old drug dealers i havent seen in forever wants $150 from my by next wednesday or else imma have my head cut off

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:43:37 ]   [ Trojan ] r u kidding me?

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:43:46 ]   [ Animoski ] cause i took an eight on the arm months ago and ive been dodging him and other shit

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:00 ]   [ Animoski ] one of his boys goes to my school that i met i didnt know theyre friends and we chilled and im like wow

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:03 ]   [ Animoski ] im fucked

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:17 ]   [ Animoski ] this nigga fucking held a fucking knife to my neck

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:31 ]   [ Animoski ] and you wonder why im so fucking mean?

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:40 ]   [ Animoski ] why i bag on people i think im cool with? cause my life is fucking shit

(03:07:10) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:49 ]   [ Animoski ] you're the best friend ive had my whole life

(03:07:11) (@Trojan) [ 08:44:56 ]   [ Animoski ] yeah youve got money up the ass

(03:07:11) (@Trojan) [ 08:45:00 ]   [ Trojan ] while ur life on here isnt shit

(03:07:11) (@Trojan) [ 08:45:08 ]   [ Animoski ] and whats $1000 or $500 to you right?

(03:07:11) (@Trojan) [ 08:45:09 ]   [ Trojan ] and we all try to have fun together

**I left the rest out because it gets a little too personal. The part I bolded is the part that through me off completely. This by the way is the reference to that other $160.


When I originally stripped Animoski of control to the servers I told him to gain my trust back. He sent me many personal messages on irc of random chit chat, which I replied back to. As he was doing this he was approaching members of Rencorner promising them higher up positions. He finally approached someone and said he would be taking back control in 2 weeks. This is when I banned him. 

He responded by contacting my host and answer questions on their online support and providing my paypal email to gain access to my portal and lock me out. I then called my host and had they called management in. They reviewed the payments and awarded ownership to me and locked Animoski out. However, Cronus got involved. Cronus had set up the proxmox for Animoski and had the master password. He was able to get in no matter how many times I changed the root password. He was able to obtain our website and minecraft server and host it himself. This is how they have it up and running. Now Cronus insists he did nothing wrong and did not hack in. He may of had the password, but he did not have permission to access that box and so in turn that is by definition hacking. Now because Cronus had the master password I had to reformat the entire box and then reconfigure everything. That is what caused all of this downtime. I can tell you now we are secure.


That is the basic of events I left some things about but I do not feel they are that important to the point I am trying to make here.

Everything I have done is for Rencorner and not for personal gain. I want to thank everyone who has supported us, it is greatly appreciated. We are here for you guys. It is nice to see that your are here for us to.

To anyone who was unsure of the events I hope this has cleared it up. If you have any questions please contact me. 


-Volcom <3

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All this talk of hacking isn't liked by anyone. Remember the shady things that wilost0rm did with ddosing servers? I'm pretty sure Olaf wouldn't be too pleased that Cronus accessed your box illegally stole the server files and then running it on XWIS. I'll talk to Crimson and see what she thinks of it all.


Long live FredCorner :P (that's for shai)

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Noone had the time to do anything to the Renegade box before we had control of it again. You're thinking of the MC's box.

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this seems to be for the best
it's true that Animoski did start RenCorner, but he doesn't seem the most fit to run it at this point
he's put up duplicate servers further down on the server list, but i think people found the right place again already
i like TheHero's signature lol

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I'll take no sides, but rencorner is my home so I'll stick to it. ;) nice new forums

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I'll take no sides, but rencorner is my home so I'll stick to it. ;) nice new forums


We appreciate that. Thanks.

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I like liquidv2, he can't decide whether to troll us, or troll him. Him and iRaN are like kids in a candy store. :brushteeth:

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Damn right shai, I could shit something that has a higher IQ of them put together :D

But yeah, RenCorner is In the right hands now.

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compared to Iran, you're special olympics material Mikey

that's not trolling or anything - it's sheer fact

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I love how mad I make Liquid by saying the smallest things, it's genuinely hilarious.

Viva la Rencorner!

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Ofcourse you are, I'm not arguing with you, really With the new forumsleadership this is somewhat of a fresh start for everyone, so if you've anything else to add PM me :)

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Dont get me wrong and sorry if it offends anyone but it is fact, as i see it he had no right to ask for money because he is the one that founded rencorner the founder is the one that should make the payments he shouldn't rely on other members to do it for him that's what he did wrong, you did the right thing as far as i can see,  and rencorner is in very good hand! Live long rencorner! 

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