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iPod/iPhone App -Command & Conquer Red Alert-


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Well I stumbled across this pretty amazing game for the iPod http://www.eamobile.com/iphone-games/command-and-conquer-red-alert and was wondering if anyone would be willing to play with me or try it out! It's actually really fun, and its for a mobile device, post below if you want to know more about it!


There is also an app called Arms Cartel Global https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arms-cartel-global/id504804197?mt=8 it's one of those apps where you check back in every 2 hours to do tasks, collect assets and fight people, you can recruit people to your Cartel to fight against other cartels, it is an application for iPod/iPhone but I thought it would be cool if we got a "Rencorner" Clan or Militia going, just post below if you want to know more about it also!

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