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A great hello


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Hey guys

I am Aqib aka THE AQIB...

I am a great fan of the old westwood games and especially the dune series...

I was introduced to command and conquer through a member of this forum and a friend of mine, feda...

I first played red alert 3 from the series, then the first series of command and conquer and now renegade...

I'm now working on a mod for Dune 2000...

I would like to get to know you all...

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Hey welcome to RenCorner, We have a Renegade server up if u ever want to play.. usually about 20-30 people in at a certain time in the day, we have a AOW(All out war) Server and a Sniper server, very fun..


also Welcome to our forums :)


Nice feda, Fresh meat? =0

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