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Hello Everyone,


We have recently updated the rotation following a poll on the forums of what the majority of the general public and staff wanted. There have been some maps added and a map removed. The order of the rotation has also changed.


To start C&C_Under has been removed from the rotation.


The following maps have been added to the new rotation:

-C&C Siege

-C&C Snow

-C&C Glacier Flying

-C&C Sand


All maps can be downloaded in the Maps section of Downloads.


Link: http://rencorner.net/forums/index.php/files/category/19-maps/


The rotation is now ordered as follows:


-C&C Field

-C&C Snow

-C&C City_Flying

-C&C Canyon

-C&C Mesa

-C&C Sand

-C&C Glacier_Flying

-C&C Volcano

-C&C Islands

-C&C Siege

-C&C Walls_Flying

-C&C Complex


Hope you guys enjoy the changes!


-RenCorner Team


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good to know that after an intense battle of field i can leave game and get sum rest until snow is over :D

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