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Upcoming server bills Aug 2022


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So, I came across a decent dedicated server deal, supposedly it'll be $37.49/month. I'm thinking it might be a good replacement for the regular Marathon VPS we've had for a couple of years. As you know the Marathon VPS can be laggy(cpu wise) with 30+ people. I didn't lock us into a contract on that one, and it wouldn't have saved any money this time(with that current discount).

I figure I'll poke about and slowly get things running on it. I'm not too sure about ditching the current VPS, especially with it's pricing(plus all of the other non-renegade stuff we have running on it). The "Temp Marathon PC" we've been using this summer; I think we'll keep it for one more month(it's due in 3 days).

We have a little over a month to gather that $383.86 for the regular Marathon VPS.

Anyway, here's what we have, spent, and need coming up:


Jul 23, 2022 = $87.48(37.49/month+50 setup fee) OVH Marathon PC for possible replacement Marathon VPS. 
Jul 23, 2022 = $23.98 for two Windows Server 2012 license keys(for ovh pc + a spare)

In Paypal  7-27-2022 = 

Jul 26, 2022 = $65.48  - Temp Marathon PC.
Jul 27, 2022 = $26.45  - TeraCopy license for servers(makes moving 400gb in files easy)

Aug 01, 2022 = $107.98 - Ark, Terraria, & Backups + MC PC's.
Aug 13, 2022 = $99.50  - iDrive backups(10TB).

Aug 23, 2022 = $37.49  - OVH Marathon PC
Sep 01, 2022 = $107.98 - Ark, Terraria, & Backups + MC PC's.

Sep 08, 2022 = $383.86 - Marathon VPS(yearly).
Oct 01, 2022 = $37.49 - OVH Marathon PC
Sep 28, 2022 = $40.00  - Website Donation plugin.
Nov 01, 2022 = $84.00  - Website host.

Nov 01, 2022 = $107.98 - Ark, Terraria, & Backups + MC PC's.
Nov 01, 2022 = $37.49  - OVH Marathon PC

Nov 28, 2022 = $40.00  - Website(they upped it $15, I didn't notice the last time).


Green = enough in paypal

Red = lottsa money needed

Yellow = not paid for yet

StrikeThrough = paid for

P.S. the "OVH Marathon PC" is in Canada, just like this summer one we've been using.

P.P.S the  $107.98 and/or $37.49 PC's may be going up in price by 10% corporate bullshit "inflation". I don't know for sure, but we got an email about it, and our stuff may fall into that category. As of December it'll be $42.50 instead of the $37.49(ovh).

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August to September 7th bills we'll need $293-$300 to get us paid for on the $383.86. Slowly getting some things working on the new OVH pc(pain in the ass so far), but still keeping that regular Mara for the year.



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Are you getting the new server thingy ? Since I think you have enough now ? 

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We have that one mostly set up for Renegade...it's the one you've been using since Thursday(I think).It's the cheapo $37.50/mo OVH one, but we're keeping that $383/yr NFO one we've had for a few years, as a backup for ddos/etc. Which, Manuel & Ice187dna already had to swap things to yesterday during another ddos attack. Moneywise, I think we're set right now(til the end of this month)...I haven't really double-checked, but it looks like what we needed(otherwise I would've put the extra on my credit).


*Friday Edit* We should be good up through the $84/yr payment Nov 1st.

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Bloody wankers all around. OVH didn't just charge us that extra 10% "inflation, they removed our 25% off deal. So, atm that Renegade pc is $54.99/month. I wish I had kept the NFO summer pc then, it was a way better machine for $10 more.

SoYouStart whacked us, too. I didn't see those emails until now. Ark/MC/Terraria pc's will cost us $118.78/month, instead of $107.98/month.

After Tomas's donation, we only need $5 or so for January's payment...currently. That's after this "inflation" bullshit, and December already being paid for.

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