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Latrine is a cheat


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Ridiculous kill rate, never misses in fact. Either someone starts stopping the cheating snipers or you will finally kill ren.

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Latrine is April, who there has never been any actual proof of cheating, despite lots of people thinking he is, very consistent in every game, he puts video after video up on the forum, hours of footage in fact, nothing looks dodgy, he's just good, but that's what you get when you snipe nearly every day and play one specific style for x amount of years.

He's not getting banned for being good.


[15:40] <&RCAOW> Stats for Latrine, ranked 4178 :: rank points: 138, score: 31134, kills: 323, deaths: 130, games: 5, GDI: 2, Nod: 3, MVP: 1

If he always hit his shots he wouldn't have a KD of 2.7~, it would be much higher.

Fact of the matter is, there are very few players left which are actually good at sniping, the games been out for 20 years and most of you still run in straight lines

I'm willing to bet 80% of you guys don't even use the correct settings to compete against snipers properly, no v-aiming, no rebinding v to right click

If a sniper like April is in your game, and you've got 0 snipers or 0 even remotely half decent snipers on your team, or just 0 snipers in fact to compete against, he is going to get super high kills and its going to seem ridiculous

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i mean he sniped towards airstrip from ref side on mesa without much challenge from nod snipers, of course he´s getting ridiculously many kills in that situation. he wasn´t the only one doing it and it became super annoying obviously, but that´s just how it is. if you watched him livestream here and there it´s clear that his performance on mesa wasn´t out of the ordinary. was just a brutal slaughtering, not even mama woj could save us


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