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problem joining multiplayer


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got TT4.7 from TT web, when open uac launcher says unable to conect to server , hit continue anyway and estarts the downloading from resourse manger, allready downloaded the map pakage and pasted to data and documents/renegade/client but keeps poping the downoad manager, any ideas? i got the maps from here :


in case it help i run win7 ultimatex64 reinstalled resently, use to play fine not so long ago,(same machine)

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On 3/12/2022 at 10:07 PM, shaitan said:

I updated that link in the post you mentioned. It'll be here:

thanks shaitan, but it still takes me to the downloader and my internet suck dark parts, is there a especific way to install them?


nvm got it, thanks for help.

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