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This is basically my version of the lore, intent on making everything fit into it in the best way possible. People who do not play Terraria or who aren't in the roleplayer won't really get this, but I made it, so I intend to post it. Also, Cthulhu is called Alphxega in the lore. Just so you aren't confused. Also, take this lore with a grain of salt, so to speak- many things here are debatable, so don't beat me up about it if I get something totally wrong.


Many, many, many years ago, there were three brothers- Azathoth, the leader, Alphxega, the younger brother, and Plagalues, the even younger brother. Azathoth was conflicted, though. He wanted to create reality, but he wasn't sure if he should, as Alphxega was notoriously mischievous and Plagalues... well, he did everything wrong, no matter how hard he tried to make things right. However, his two brothers begged him- and Azathoth, against his better will, created Terraria. When he was finished, he settled down, and fell asleep after his great work. However, Alphxega had plans, BIG plans. He stole the keys of the cosmos, and made three Judges to guard himself. However, the Judges knew Alphxega was nothing but ruin- so they overthrew him, and gave a special power to Plagalues to subdue his brother. However, Plagalues lost control of it, corrupting it and himself. Plagalues was the first god, the God of Sickness- and he let go of the rest. It flowed into Alphxega, empowering him- but Azathoth, feeling the great transaction of power, swiftly awoke. He imprisoned his brother in a cage made from pure shadow, now known as the Void. However, the damage had been done- Alphxega was the second god- the God of Monsters. However, the rest of the power flowed into Terraria, clumping together, forming the Heartstone- the core of life. However, even from his prison, Alphxega created monstrosities, horrors, unspeakable things. Azathoth knew that if something was not done to destroy these monsters, the balance of reality would be disrupted. He swiftly made a new race of humans- the Dryads. Just as Azathoth expected, they created a society, built cities, fought off the monsters, and kept nature at peace. Azathoth knew what he made was good, and fell asleep once more. There was peace in Terraria for many more years.


However, though evil may be trapped, it never sleeps. After millions of years watching helplessly as the Dryads destroyed his progeny, Alphxega had had enough. Using all his willpower, he created the greatest monstrosity of all- Ghidorah. Manipulating the Void, Ghidorah freed Alphxega from his prison- and Alphxega knew exactly what to do.

Aliana felt something was coming. As the leader of the Dryads, she had complete power over nature- and she had the power and love of the people. There had been peace for so long, but something was changing. The monsters started attacking in greater numbers, with greater strength. She also noticed something very strange- the monsters seemed to be working together. Somehow, they had grown in both strength and intelligence- but how? Then, one afternoon, she received horrifying news- a monster army, led by some strange, massive creature had overtaken Doloe'ns, a city that supplied most of the Dryads' food. She knew she had to act.

Alphxega was in a delightful mood. He had annihilated a Dryad city with no problems. They didn't even put up a fight! The most of the casualties among his army were from collapsing buildings. Only one was killed- a random Blue Slime who had accidentally gotten stuck in a fireplace. However, he knew the Dryads were not this easy to defeat- this he knew. He was not going to let himself get overconfident. Out of nowhere, he felt a little prickle on his leg. He leaned over, curious, then saw an arrow sticking out of his thigh. He looked up- and the barrage began. Arrows practically rained from the sky- and he couldn't even see the archers! He bellowed, "ATTACK!!!"

So far, the Dryads were winning this battle. The archers, concealed with new camouflage gear in the tall grass, weren't found by the monsters- and the monsters were suffering. Deeply. She could barely keep from laughing as the behemoth- apparently the monster general- shrieked in pain as arrows flew into his eyes and tentacles. Then, she found herself rising into the air. She looked up- and found herself in the talons of a Giant Flying Fox. She screamed and struggled, but it was no use. The bat's grip stayed strong. Then she heard it. A roar. She shrieked as she felt herself practically being ripped apart. Her last thoughts were that the Dryads were doomed.

That day, the Dryads were obliterated. Alphxega had used all of his power to destroy the Dryads- all of his dark power. However, it came at a cost. He lost most of his body that day. Where his lost pieces are, nobody knows. Today, where that battle happened is known as the Evil Biome,  Alphxega's darkness seeping into the Earth, corrupting everything in its path. The Heartstone was shattered by that spell, disbalancing the world. The bodies of all the fallen Dryads were possessed by that outbreak of energy, driving it to the core of the world- known as the Wall of Flesh. Should that beast be defeated, the power of the Heartstone, and the power of Alphxega's final spell, will be released upon the world in a torrent of energy. What about Atiana? She survived- but only barely. She was far away enough from the spell to survive- but the only way to awaken her is to defeat part of Alphxega- a part of the terrible monstrosity that ended the Dryad race.


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LORE PART II: oh yeah btw I couldn't edit the first part any further so I'm gonna have to make individual sections now. Anywho...


20,000 Years Later...


James the Clothier (yes, name intended) was having a rough day. Nobody had come to his Vanity Shop, and he was losing money! Then, he saw something- a bright, shimmering butterfly, floating away! If he could turn that butterfly's colors into clothing... he could make millions! Driven by his greed, he hurried out of his house after the butterfly, bug net in hand.

James was tired, but he knew he had to keep going. This is the only way to save your business, he reminded himself. With renewed vigor, he sprinted as fast as he could towards the butterfly.

The sun was beginning to set, but James was still chasing the butterfly through a thick forest. Then, the forest ended abruptly- into a clearing with a large, brick building in the middle that looked sort-of like a castle. The butterfly flew in. James hurried after, undeterred by the dark, foreboding building, now known as the Dungeon.

After what seemed like hours of running through dark, winding passageways, James saw the butterfly stop. He chuckled, and leapt for it. The butterfly winked away in a flash of light. James landed disgracefully on his face, then turned to walk all the way back home. However, as he approached the exit to the chamber, he froze- against his will! Something was freezing him in place! He struggled, but nothing happened- and then he felt the strange sensation of something looking at his thoughts. He squirmed mentally as it poked at certain memories- particularly the ones of his friend, Nancy the Mechanic. Then, a deep voice rumbled through the air- "He knows the girl. Wipe his memories." James realized what was happening, and tried to break free of this mysterious creature's clutches. While he was wasting his energy, a blue robed figure with a white mask calmly strolled out of the shadows in front of James- and wiped his memory, implanting only one thought- Find the Mechanic.

Nancy was taking a nice stroll through the woods, mainly taking a break after being zapped by her own Sub-Particular Combustion Engine. It still ached a bit, but she didn't mind. Being among her inventions was being at home. Then, she heard someone yelling out of the woods- "Hey, Nancy! You need to come see something I found!" Recognizing James' voice, she hurried over, curious at what he might have found. She broke out into a clearing with a dark, dreary, castle-looking building in the middle. Then, she saw James on its steps. 

"How are you doing, James? It this what you wanted to show me?"

James didn't respond. He turned around- and Nancy gasped. His hair was white as snow. 

"What happened to y-"

James suddenly lunged at her, putting her into a headlock.

"Come. My master wants you." James said distantly.

Nancy only had time to blink before James knocked her out.


"Have faith, My Lord. He will do as asked- I was the one who performed it, after all."

"Yessss..." Alphxega's voice rumbled through the air. "But will it be enough to let him imprison his friend?"

A scraping sound echoed through the chamber.

"I have come with the girl, Master." The Old Man said.

Aracies didn't change his posture, but he was probably smirking under his mask.

"Good.... Aracies, get her to work- I want my body back as soon as possible!" Alphxega rumbled.

Aracies- also known as the Lunatic Cultist- awoke Nancy with a spell. Her eyes fluttered open, and she gasped.

Hanging from chains was a giant dismembered head, missing an eye, with the top of the head torn open. Multiple chunks of it were missing, with scratches and scars riddling the rest of it. However, the most grotesque part of it was the fact that it had four eye sockets, and a beard of writhing tentacles. 

This thing is most definitely not human. Nancy thought with a shudder.

"Girl, remake my body." A voice rumbled.

"I'm sorry mister, but are you the ugly-ass head that's hanging from the ceiling? Because I'm not making a new body for a monster." She replied.

"MAKE IT, IMBECILE!!!" The voice shrieked. "IF YOU WON'T DO IT WILLINGLY, THEN I'LL FORCE YOU TO!!!" Nancy winced.

"I-I-I'll make it." She stuttered. "But you'll have to promise one thing."

"What do you want, brat?" The voice said.

"Let my friend come and help. If she can come, then we can complete your body twice as fast."

"Ohh, all right! You had better not be lying to me, or you and your friend will suffer."

Nancy smiled mischievously. "Oh, don't worry. You'll have your body." She wasn't lying, she reasoned. After all, the Voice never told her she couldn't make anything else.

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