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My name is Ammel

Terraria name BossinUndBoss

Im 15

Batangas Philippine

Im played 1.2 ver. since 2018 and 1.4 since 2020

I searched your server on Youtube "Terraria Servers"

Ive played here one year ago but forgot about it and never amplied for VIP

My reasoning for VIP is to have home fun and Access to A Few items i need for my Big Build i planned for an entire year

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Heya BossinUndBoss, thank you for applying for VIP! Your application has been accepted! Please enjoy various perks such as the Portal Gun, a private building space @/warp vip, access to almost every banned item, spawning Old One's Army, other Invasion Events, ranking up with /rank up, using /check and /uic and much more now that the new server is up! 

Welcome to the Community! :D

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