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Headsh00t solid 137 - 148 ping

Mac - 69 - 117

Seems like Mac is having a lag spike for a moment there.  Classic case of renegades shitty netcode, when extreme hugging is in play, 300~ latency between the pair of your actions being received by each other


Also that second clip isn't invis...thats your camera against the wall...

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so basically no one invised and it was just poor communication between server and client. Server thinks you're behind the wall for other clients when in the video when you clearly weren't. 


Just stay away from the walls okay :> 


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Can we be real here????

All you snipers wall hug and invis time to time.  I love it when I get an occasional kill against one of you and then you scream HUGGER!! or  INVIS!!!! (not all of you do that, but a couple do).  It's a joke to think I would ever care enough to actually TRY and invis or hug-kill.  if I ever have trust me it is lag or bad ren code or maybe I did it for all I know.  But I never TRY to.

I say let's remove the prohibition on invis for a month and see what happens.  I doubt we will see much change.  For me personally I doubt I'd see any because I like the ground game versus tanks and I already get sniped to shit. How much more can I die? lol (don't answer that).

But it would be nice not to see all the chat about it.  It's like a bunch of 8-year olds. You get killed by an invis, invis back. But quit all the crying ffs.  And yea, I used to cry about it all the time.  Some things just seem suspicious here with some snipers, but I care less now than I ever have.  You better snipe me if you don't want to lose that precious Bar/Hon.

And to close, as Fardin says...DIE SNIPER DIE!!!   hehe











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The main issue for me with allowing invis, is new players who occasionally try to snipe, get trashed, then they get omega trashed if someone is invisis, beside the obvious people too pussy to play the game as intended and abuse shitty mechanics.  Now that I have NA ping its actually unbearable playing against EU snipers doing this shit

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9 hours ago, Sheila said:


I announce you, Deadeye and Wall, husband and wife, may you hug the bride!

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