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Been away for a long time and for the first time since COVID started I acctually had an evening all to my self and knowing I wouldn't be called in the next moring.

So what a woman to do, well I sit and stare at my computer and see this icon and click it and there pops the server list up. A few players online on Rencorner, I click join and in a few minutes I read Matenone nagging about his how much his team sux and start to laugh. Strangely I feel I've missed all You guys and even the ones that always nags/whines about exactly the same things (and usually drive me nuts) as they did when I joined this server years ago  :tongue0:

Have had so much fun playing Rene again these 2 last nights, will try to join in a bit more often, at least until the 4th wave hit us, then I'm back to hauling days and "spacesuits" again.

Anyway, Thank You guys and girls for staying the same it's a wonderful comfort, when the rest of my world is changing in a split of a second, a cough, a spike in a temperature, so small,  that 2 years ago we wouldn't bat an eyelash when it occured, now means that we lock down the ward and we (staff) lose the little free time we have.

Who would have known a almost 20 year old game would show to be this old ladys point of normal :love0:


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Two weekends ago I was thinking about haven't seen you in a while, was happy to see you the last weekend (didn't have time to PM though as I was in game only for a few minutes).

I really hope that you won't experience a 4th wave. I don't know what's the vaccine situation is i Sweden, but it seems to really help in Britain and probably in Israel too.

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