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remove tag rang #1089 one I hove this is not true if so some one messed w the raking system?  I was #52 at one point.

I not sure it may have been I that change is or is this a system  wide thing?

1:35 pm  PST.

its been on for about 2 weeks 

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Overall rank: Stats for {OG}MateNone, ranked 1086 :: rank points: 1456, score: 319420, kills: 1684, deaths: 3530, games: 332, GDI: 140, Nod: 192, MVP: 4

Temp rank: Stats for {OG}MateNone, ranked 57 :: rank points: 138, score: 26809, kills: 146, deaths: 273, games: 26, GDI: 10, Nod: 16, MVP: 1

The tag is based off your Overall rank, so its correct

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