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VIP rank request again for a diff account


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1. Ian

2. My main has vip but I wanted “Creeper nooby noob” to have vip also

3. 11

4. I’m from the USA

5. Like half a year
6. I looked up terraria servers and I saw it and I was like “Wow looks fancy I should try that server”

7. About 3 months

8. My reason for wanting vip is my main account already has vip but I want this alt account to have it also

I know that I may not be able to have vip on 2 accounts but I wanted to see if I could get it on my alt. Please accept the request


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You can only have one account per person, if you want vip on your alt, do /logout (unless you already are), then type /login (account with vip) (pass on that account) on your alt.

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