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Stuck on the resource manager screen [Fixed]


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Out of the blue, after a streak of 4 games, a new map started and the Ren client showed the resource manager screen, the one used to download files from the server to the client. After a short time (20 seconds or so), an error message appeared "Failed to download required package" and the game quit. Since then, it happens everytime I try to log in to the server.

So far, it happened when I tried to log in while three different rotation maps were on, (islands, under and snow), which of course I should already have on my PC. I tried to restart my PC, and tried to log into a different server (successfully).

I think I saw somewhere someone who had the same problem, but I can't find the solution (maybe it was in the shoutbox?).

Please send help.


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I tried the solutions here:

Deleted \AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs folder

Reinstalled scripts

No luck :\

Anyone has other suggestions maybe? I don't want to re-install Ren, I usually do it using the original CDs but I don't have them at the moment



Other solutions I tried (and failed):

Thought the server is blocked by a firewall or something: tried to run Ren from safe mode; connected my PC through my phone (tethering to the cellular network). After that didn't work, I tried and was able to simply ping the server (cmd prompt) so I don't think something is blocking the server.

I can download maps from the MPF server. It's just rencorner for some reason...

Same error when tried to launch through game2.exe -> WOL

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Try it again whenever you can. It may have been because that pc BSOD'd yesterday...and I didn't notice the webserver(for that downloader) was off when I booted up everything else.

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