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I know that there technically isn't an official way to apply for Developer, but I'm gonna try applying anyway. The server needs more developers in the first place.

After seeing the server in its current state, I've found that there is lots of room for improvement. UnitedPostSystem has been working hard to make the server a more enjoyable place, but he has a lot of other responsibilities that may slow down the process. He has asked me for help a few times in areas such as plugin configuration, plugin development and modification, and general networking and server hosting. Because of this, UnitedPostSystem has agreed to sponsor me as an applicant, and I feel as if it would be appropriate to help maximize my potential with my experience in Java, the Linux command line, overall Minecraft knowledge, and game design by applying as a developer.

Obviously, you have no obligation to accept me, or even respond in the first place, as there is no official guideline or even a way to apply as a Developer, but I might as well try, since the server would highly benefit from gamemode development. If I somehow were to be accepted as a Developer, I will try to stay active, interacting with the playerbase and refining or even creating new gamemodes, hopefully through the release of 1.17. However, I might become much busier once I enter my junior year of high school, and/or the pandemic is over and schools start to open up in-person again.

Hopefully, you will consider my message and my application. Thanks.

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