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Not really new :)


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Hi everyone :)

we won

Happy to be here, I finally made it to the forums. I've been a long time renegade player ever since like 2004. Back then I used to play on my brothers account, which I don't even remember his in game name anymore lol. Anyways, since I was pretty young back then(like 13) I used to stick mostly to German speaking servers until I got better at English and discovered the Jelly-Servers around 2007. It was around this time I started using the new in game name "Fardin" (which is my actual name btw.). I was even featured in some of tellssons famous renegade youtube videos, which were epic back then. However, even back then, Renegade was never something "social" for me, so I always tried to avoid the forums. I just loved logging into the game and having fun with you all. I joined the Jelly servers forum eventually, cause I had trouble getting into game back then, but even then I was never really active on it until it got shut down. After Jellys death i kinda reduced playing rene for a few months, but for the past few years I have been more or less an active player especially on the weekends =) I really like rencorner, since it stays more or less true to the roots of vanilla renegade, while also improving it a lot. I do enjoy new maps, but nothing beats the classics imo. Though I do miss the old school arty shake sometimes :p 

For years I have feared the eventual decline and death of Renegade. Even back on the Jelly servers I tried to animate the people on the forums to do something to attract some old school players, who have either long forgotten about renegade, or just don't know anymore it is still somewhat alive. fortunately it seems, there has been some kind of gradual small resurgence of new (old) players ever since the anniversary, but I could be wrong.
Like most of you I have made many many online friends throughout the years, without ever seeing the faces, or knowing their actual names. Way too many times do I forget in game nicks of people from the past, with whom we had epic game moments, so for that I apologize in advance if I don't remember you :D

now in case you are interested, some stuff about me:

age: turning 30 this summer

country: Switzerland(Zurich)

name: Fardin (of Persian origin, and has several meanings. Mostly it's just derived from Farvardin, the first month in the Persian calendar) but i guess most people online just call me fart or fartin xD

despite my age I am still a student at the university, so sadly i won't be able to contribute much to the forums in the near future (heck I used to play on a 2009 lap top with an average of 15 fps until like a year ago...). My gaming hours are usually on weekends evenings/nights. On a side note, I don't think I will be very active on this forum either, that's just really not my thing, but I will try to visit from time to time :)


oh yea and I hate snipers with a passion (DIE SNIPER DIE!!!!)


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Yo Fardin!

I remember you quite well, was a mod at Jelly as well. Glad you found this place, renegade ain't dying just yet!

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1 hour ago, Sheila said:

What a contrast, I absolutely positively love snipers ! Welcome to the forums :joker:

Fixed that for you sheila :P

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@manny thanks, happy to be here :D

@masscarriers yea I actually remember your name ^^ 

@sheila, lol thanks! snipers are the worst!

@mikey xDDD

@inspector haha love that "fartin please" xD thanks :) btw did you manage to set the inspector gadget theme as a soundeffect when you join the server? :p  


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