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aprilwars invishugging me on under


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Yea April clearly came out, shot at the earliest opportunity, landed the shot, but because of the lag, it looked like he took the shot behind the wall, this is not invis


Invis = continuously doing it to prevent the other player from having the slightest chance of landing a hit due to a lack of target 

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he shoots me before coming out lol, obvious as hell

otherwise i'll also just start invisihugging and then coming out

You can even see his muzzle flash 50% covered by wall.


So invisihug is allowed if I come out after the hug? Can a moderator clear this up?

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So your suggesting he invisi hugged, and then decided to run out to cover up that fact, all in the space of half a second? I don't think people would have the reactions to do that Seems pretty unlikely since he came out almost immediately.

Not to mention you know better than anyone that muzzle flash and bullet trajectory cannot be trusted what so ever in this game - also in that video you can clearly see the muzzle flash anyway just as he comes out - but im guessing your suggesting its a second shot, of which we see no ramjet bullet, hence the point entirely of its not trust-able.

Your video is over 3 hours long, and this is the only fault you've picked with it?

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Yes at that wall on under if you invis a lot of times you accidentally (because of lag) immediately run out of the wall, because of the weird angle.

He walks to the left, shoots and then lags out, at that angle you will always shoot without being visible and then run out

Neh there's multiple times where he invises me, just watch the whole 3 hour video


any way i'll also just start invising and then immeditely run out so I always get the first shot out before the other player can respond.

Guess this can be closed.

WHat about ILL partial invishugging? can I invishug if 1/3rd of my hitbox is out 3 frames?

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