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KHILVANSH9786 TRUSTED (delayed untill further notice)


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  • Your first name: Khilvansh
  • Your in game name:KHILVANSH9786
  • Your age is? 14
  • Where you are from? INDIA
  • How long you have been playing Minecraft? 2 YEARS
  • Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? NO
  • How did you find Rencorner (Name of server list?) ONLINE SEARCH
  • Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie  terraria)? YES 
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  • KHILVANSH changed the title to KHILVANSH9786 TRUSTED

I am going to delay approving you application for 3 weeks.  When you joined you announced you had hacks and promptly flew in the hub.  When I joined later in the day I saw you in your boat flying.  I don't like players joining my server and the 1st thing they do is violate my rules.  You are going to have to earn my trust before I give you trusted rank.  you came very close to being banned.  I decided not to because you appear to have straightened up.  Apply again after Feb, 26.


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  • Joetorp changed the title to KHILVANSH9786 TRUSTED (delayed untill further notice)

[2021-02-07 03:47:13] <RCBungee> 11(Chat)03 -Survival- [Full Mod] 10AFCeazyy27: khilvansh, turn off your xray now, this is your last warning before you are banned
[2021-02-07 03:48:12] <RCBungee> 09(Command:MSG)03 -Survival- [Full Mod] 10AFCeazyy27: 13 hey joe, im watching khil right now, i planted some diamonds and he found them instantly
[2021-02-07 03:48:23] <RCBungee> 09(Command:REPLY)03 -Survival- [Full Mod] 10AFCeazyy27: 13 he is once again cheating
[2021-02-07 03:59:25] <RCBungee> 09(Command:MSG)03 -Survival- [Full Mod] 10AFCeazyy27: 13/msg KHILVANSH9786 if you do it again, you will be automatically banned, no second chances, or sorry's
[2021-02-07 03:59:38] <RCBungee> 09(Command:REPLY)03 -Survival- [Full Mod] 10AFCeazyy27: 13/r stop cheating
[2021-02-07 03:59:39] <RCBungee> 09(Command:MSG)03 -Survival- [Player] 10KHILVANSH9786: 13/msg AFCeazyy27 ok
[2021-02-07 03:59:53] <RCBungee> 09(Command:MSG)03 -Survival- [Player] 10KHILVANSH9786: 13/msg AFCeazyy27 i wont


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