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About me! :D and vip


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My first name is my ingame name, Jordy




 My ingame character name is Jordy, I don't have any other character, just Jordy


I am 16 almost 17



 I am not to much familiar with country and all that, but I am from usa oklahoma.



 I've been playing terraria for a couple of years, I've always looked up videos on how to do stuff, when pc and mobile aren't truly the same 



I found this server on youtube, I have been wanting to find a server for a while, and I wanted to have people to play and talk with while playing a fun game.



 I've been playing this server for a couple of days or a week now, it's really fun to interact with others.




 I want V.I.P because I have a bond with this server that I don't wanna break, so I wanna be apart of it, and help others.


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