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MY name is mateo

What are your ingame character name Eifel 65

How old are you? 11

What country and region are you from? Straight from Manchester-england

How long have you been playing Terraria? 6 months I know I know but I know it back to front already

How did you find our server? I got bored after beating terraria so I went to have fun with friends

How long have you been playing on our server? About a week

Why do you want VIP? I mainly wanted to use the rod of discord and DCU for non malicious purposes but also wormhole potion limits are a pain in the butt, also, the text colors look cool

Extras: I have a family that's 100% balkan(ic) but I speak perfect english

Online every single day, seriously Willing to do something, anything to find an escape to this boredom, no matter how big a thing is I am so doing it with the right amount of energy Almost always available, not just present Have a good understanding of the server and members Willing to help and support

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Hello Eifel, thank you for applying for VIP! Your application has been accepted! Please enjoy various perks such as the Portal Gun, a private building space @/warp vip, access to almost every banned item, spawning Old One's Army, other Invasion Events, ranking up with /rank up, using /check and /uic and much more now that the new server is up! 

Welcome to the Community! :D

~ Disc / Skilz

Do note, the DCU and RoD aren't usable for anyone who isn't a Admin or SeniorMod.

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