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Minecraft December Promotions


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Please join me in congratulating our newest staff members:

UnitedPostSystem has been on a fast track, making mod in July and SrMod in Oct, and due to his initiative in working on the minigames server, to get all the games working, I promoted him to Server Admin.  He has been a valuable asset to the staff, and has earned my trust.

Char321 was made HalfMod at the end of Oct, he has displayed a working knowledge of plugins and reworked our skywars plugin to correct some things that made the plugin intolerable.  He is quickly becoming an asset to the staff, and deserving of a position of Mod.

Both these young men have giving me a sense of pride in how they conduct themselves responsibly.

Today (Dec 4), AFCreazyy27 has been awarded HalfMod rank.  He has been a loyal player  in Minecraft who has made contributions to the server.


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