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If you use UNREAD CONTENT and want to personalize it(if you don't want to 'follow' a whole forums section), it'll take a few steps.

1. Go into each category you want, click FOLLOW.


2. Then go to Unread ContentLet's say that you only want to follow content in those areas that you just picked. Then click 'Following' tab, pick the 'content posted in areas I follow'.


3. Now click the 'Save as new stream', and type in the name you want that stream to be. Then click the 'create stream' button.3.jpg

4. You've made that, now on the right side, click the 'Stream options' and set as default.4.jpg

5. You can also get back into each Stream you've made by clicking the 'My Activity Streams' and seeing your custom ones there.5.jpg

6. Now that you've done all that, refresh your page and you should see the 'Unread Content' has changed to your newly named stream/preferences. You can always go back and edit/delete those Streams with the 'Stream options' button.6.jpg

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