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Recently I had a problem with Tiberian Script 4.6 showing "cant enter server "version of tiberian tech is outdated""
I tried the solution from this  topic by downloading the Renegade.rar.  The error was fixed, however; there is a "Resource Manager Error" the says "Failed to download required packages.  The game will be left. Please try to rejoin.

I tried to rejoin many times, even in different servers but the problem persist.  Do you have any idea regarding this issue?

Please see the attached screenshots.


Screenshot from 2020-09-14 11-36-28.png

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If you're getting that on every server then read the post here.

You can either delete that /client/ttfs/ folder and let it re-download when you join or delete it and plop in the .rar contents there from the server itself. I would do the first thing if it were me(that way it'll get rid of any bad files).

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The /client/ttfs/ folder only have packages.dat, I deleted it but I'm still seeing the error posted above.

Thanks for the link I will download it soon, but that means my renegade will not automatically download maps (for example tried to play in another servers) and have to rely on the maps that are provided in the link

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Something else is wrong then, because our downloader is working fine(just deleted my maps and redownloaded) and you're able to download the links I sent you guys(the renegade.rar files on the same ftp webserver).

Try reinstalling the Scripts again.

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This is now fixed, it fixed itself.  It's the TT Script, the launcher I'm using updates the TT script (just yesterday).  It is almost a year since I last tried, so busy in work.

I'm using the RenList v1.0.7 launcher.

CNC Ren Launcher.png

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