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1 day ban for AFK when client not even running


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I was banned by GetPastMe for 24 hours for AFK at 1:57, I don't know whether that was AM or PM nor what timezone so I can't say where I was but I can tell you for sure that I don't leave the client running or my computer on when I am not here. If I have to AFK I close it, every time. Very confused by this. Client definitely wasn't open so I'm not sure if there's a way that I'd be ghost connected still if I alt+f4 which I sometimes might do if I'm in a hurry?

Keen to hear more.


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Sorry n0df14m3r I did not intend to kick you.  I forgot to check to see if he had a 0000 serial.  My frustration with his ongoing AFK habit got the best of me!

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