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Banned for AFK

Guest Kanye

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Hello. I got banned by GetPissMe for afk, yesterday, 8.25.2020. This dude getpissme always looks for an opportunity to ban me. Always DMing me, like "here"? Somtimes i drive or play and cant respond, hed kick me out of the game ( the last time it happened was on Under and I was on the field in Stank. He is a shitty mod and doesnt really do anything. We barely have online here, does it make sense to ban ppl for AFK?

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I actually banned you because you were afk for couple maps. You do this every single day. If you don't want to be kicked, then don't always go afk. You and yoimdrunk ruin small games.

I'll undo the ban if you promise to leave game if you have to go do something.

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!vote no


Nice uninformed stupid attack on GetPastMe, mods PMing you "here" is so they dont just kick you, and then cry you didn't get a warning...

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I will look for your apology in regards to kicking you when I was not even on the server at all on the 25th, and you were kicked by another mod.

As for PM'ing you to see if you are in game, as Vultima said, that is so we don't kick you unnecessarily. I would not have to PM you as often if you stayed active in the game.  Be aware that in most cases I am not even paying attention to you until another player (or 2-3 as happens sometimes) complains about you.

You say " We barely have online here, does it make sense to ban ppl for AFK? "  What is the difference between a player that joins and goes AFK and a player that never joins?  Both are worthless to a team.  So yes, it does make sense.

I have chatted with you more than once about going AFK, and I have always been respectful to you.  You claim that I always look for opportunities to ban you, but the opposite is the truth.  I have banned you one time, and it lasted 24 hours.  You should have been banned for longer, and more often, based on your habitual AFK.  We just keep hoping you will "see the light" and simply leave when you aren't able to actively play the game. Is that really so hard?

You have some responsibility as a player to follow the rules, and to show some respect for other players by leaving the game when appropriate.

I always enjoyed playing with you in games.  I regret you feel so poorly towards me based on the consequences of your behavior.  Hopefully that will change.




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