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61.) What is your real first name ? 

My real first name is Jeffery.
2.) What is your Primary minecraft in-game name? Do you have more than 1 name? If so, what are they?

My in-game name is UnitedPostSystem, but I am often called united or ups.
3.) Your date of birth and age is?

My date of birth is May 30th, 2006 and I am 14 years old.

4.) How long have you been playing on a regular basis in our server?

I've been playing regularly on rencorner for about 40 days, but I'm not quite sure when I started really playing.
5.) When did you submit your application for “Trusted?”

I submitted my Trusted application on 5/19/2020 and was promoted to Trusted+ on 6/01/2020.
6.) Do you understand how to use IRC and Teamspeak (basic knowledge required), If you don't have these programs, download here: http://www.teamspeak.com

I've been using IRC for about a month and have decent knowledge of it. I have teamspeak but have no experience with it.

7.) Are you an experienced Mod or Admin? Please explain:

I have no experience when it comes to being Mod or Admin.
8.) Using about 15-20 words, tell us about yourself.

I am a student who is interested in creating and improving things, especially regarding coding and software.
9.) How long have you been playing minecraft?

I have been playing Minecraft for about 3 years.
10.) Have you ever been kicked, banned, or lost your Trusted status? If yes, please explain.

I have never been kicked, banned, or demoted.
11.) A Rencorner staff position requires a commitment of time and contribution. What time zone do you live in and when would you be available to be online (to do your job).

I live in PST time zone. Normally, I have time the whole day but with summer school and classes and such, I'll be able to get on at 6:00 pm at the very very latest. When normal school opens, it might depend. Distance learning this past school year has generally given me a lot of time, but if it ends up like summer school, then I might have less time. We'll see how things go with this whole COVID-19 pandemic.
12.) How would you contribute to making our server a place that players would want to come to and stay?

I would try to fix small issues in games that higher staff do not have the time to fix. I don't know Java and the only device where I can open java and jar files are on my old laptop, so it would be a challenge to do some high-level fixing. When/if I get my own computer, I will try to put more effort into Java. 
13.) Do you have anyone on the current staff team of position Mod or higher who has offered to sponsor you? While not a requirement, Having a sponsor can improve the application time and results.

I do not have any sponsors.
14.) Do you know how to work with Linux command line or the programming language Java?

I do know how to use the Linux command line to a decent extent. I don't know too many commands, but I know how to use the ones I know.
15.) Do you have experience with plugins?

I don't have much experience with plugins because of the aforementioned Java problem.

Note: Because of certain situations, it would be preferred if the TeamSpeak interview was held on either a Monday or a Thursday after 1:00 PM PST. 

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You have been accepted, for half mod, congratulations.   Look for the pm in the forums


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