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Ark Survival Evolved: Crystal Isles/Anniversary with pictures.


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Bring our your party hats, because from June 11th to June 26th, ARK will be celebrating the memories we’ve made along this 5-year journey with a new map, dino, and event! 

The newly updated Crystal Isles launches on PC with a 150 sq km map with a wide variety of awe-inspiring biomes teeming with life. Build your bases high in rainforest canopies or mysterious floating islands, then dive deep into undersea caverns in search of resources. 

In addition to Tropeognathus and Crystal Isles making its grand debut, we’ll be introducing 5 new chibi’s to collect. Looking to complete your chibi collection? A brand new feature for this event allows you to trade 4 for a new one in the forge.

Throw a surprise party for your tribe-mates with the new pop-out birthday cake structure and have a get-together with your tribe wearing party hat skins from prior events!


Click on the link below for the sneak preview of:

Crystal Isles and Anniversary Event Video.


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17 hours ago, rackz said:

Now show me your base 😛

 I'll get some pictures. The base is a W.I.P. I'm doing the dino pen and Qwick is doing the main base.

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