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YouTube Hacker 'Wanna be friends?'


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Attention YouTube Content Creators. You may or may not know that there is a new hacker around YouTube and he is stealing accounts and making them into comment farming channels to then hack more YT accounts. What do you need to know...well, in your notifications you may find comments saying ' Wanna be friends?' from Logan/Calls/Ted.

BLOCK THE ACCOUNT AND DELETE THE COMMENTS.  You can lose your account by Subscribing to him and there have been cases where even responding to his comments have lost their accounts. He normally uploads stolen videos, deletes yours, and loses your subs.
He brings you advice to increase your channel and subs but what he's actually doing is hacking into real accounts and then making his YT account grow. 


Make sure you activate the 2 STEP VERIFICATION on your Google account. A code can be sent to your mobile phone via a Text message or Phone Call to gain access to your YT account. No code = No access. I have activated my 2 Step Verification on my YT account, I suggest you do the same no matter how big or small your channel is. 


I suggest you take 10 mins of your time and watch this video all about it and how he's exposing YT Content Creators. You can also google about it and do your own research.



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This sounds like horse crap, he is just jumping on the bandwagon of the pre-existing spambots, and saying its the same thing, spambots have existed for years, he is twisting this for his rhetoric(most likely).

No way in hell is youtube (GOOGLE) gonna have an exploit so large it has database access (his claim), at the VERY(and even this is a bold af claim) least, it would be manipulation of some sort of API.


Also as evanz claims, its getting past 18 character passwords(since he now has apparently been hacked according to twitter), that just doesn't happen.  Even if you were to have access to the database, no way google is storing passwords in plain text, their login algorithm is gonna be insane, and well guarded, theres no way they are reverse engineering that. Theres no way you could crack that many accounts at the rate it is happening for all these supposed large volumes of accounts. (again using the fact of the pre existing spambots to backup his claim).


Also if someone has all this access and ALL they do with that information, is making crappy youtube channels with 50k subs...anyone ANYONE who had a brain, would keep this on the DL, download the entire database bit by bit, and sell it for very large amounts of money. It'll be worth WAY more, not to mention the methodology itself, would be worth millions.


He even goes as far to provide screenshots of accounts that have been apparently "hacked", what kind of "real" account has 85 subs, but like 15-19 views with 6 videos total? None - their fake, (your typical spam bot).

Go to 7:01 on the video as he says "people worked hard to create these channels", then proceed to show MOST of them having videos uploaded 1-9 days ago...ONE or TWO of them has 4 months ago. Also again, probably just flicking through random accounts on youtube...most of the accounts he shows here, are not legitimate accounts from the start.


Same again, videos all uploaded in the last day with 23 subs? These are fake accountsimage.png

This evanz111 guy claims it has happened to him, and he is locked out of his channel, but how come his videos have not been deleted, as the others apparently have been, its simple, he has control of his account, and he doesn't want to delete the videos, as he will lose them, he's just making a video for drama, its a stunt to improve his growth.


Honestly I will eat my shoe, if there ends up being any realism to this at all.

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Also just wanna add, why would subbing to him do anything at all to kind of "activate" the hack, if they have database access, this video is dumb


One final point and im done, if you look at this guys youtube, he isn't the most successful youtuber in the world, not by a long shot, plus up until last month, he hasn't been around for 3 years....

or for some stats https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/evanz111/monthly

Yet this video has 33k views (which still isn't alot) - its some juicy drama to grow himself is all this is, too bad he is basing his entire argument that "if you sub to this channel, you get hacked", and now that he is supposedly "hacked", nobody is gonna sub to him anyway rofl

Watch the following for a more realistic take, calling it as it is...a spambot, nothing more



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@Vultima I was just making people aware of the scam going around. Yes, there are probably more videos about this, more spambots out there, but it looks like I upset you and picked out the wrong video for you. I'm not bothered about the Evans111 YouTuber at all, I couldn't care less. It's not about Evans111 it was about the spambots/hacking. 

That video you posted...now he wants a thumbs up like and subscribe? SMH.

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I mean im not upset, its just misinformation, “hacking” of google/youtube is just not gonna happen. (Specially by this way)


or rather if it did happen the implications would be huge not this

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PSN used unsalted hashed passwords LOL. If Sony cant do basic securing of their password we cant assume Google will

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basicly its possible, but you would have a trojan horse on your computer, wich is lvl 9000.

ive even seen on my email account that my own email sent me an email to change my password etc.

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if it aint in the DEFCON forums or on any of the Hacker News agencies, nor on "Infosec Twitter", it doesnt exist. If it's a youtube/google hack, it is not on youtube AND real. This sounds like magic to someone with zero infosec exposure, but the title alone made me think "bogus" before I was finished reading it. If it were real, he'd have submitted it to the cash bug bounty program and not told anyone (or a viewer would have and gotten the cash for it)

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