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Starbound Raid Leader Application

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To apply to become a Raid Leader in Rencorner Starbound create an application in Starbound VIP [copy these questions, press the back button, click Start New Topic, and paste and answer the questions.] 

A Raid Leader is someone who we trust enough to lead private dungeons when staff isn't around, (such as Castle Bleck, and Charre's Castle). You must have applied for VIP to obtain this rank. Other ranks such as The Anti Medic, or Dark Knight do not count. This rank does come with responsibility. You do need to understand the rules of the server and have no negative history any with staff members, nor bias to any player. It is a requirement to be in the Official Starbound Server so that way you can easily contact staff members and call out players for dungeons. (If you haven't already joined: https://discord.gg/UECBhfh ). Make sure to label your post "NAME's Raid Leader Application". 

This is not a staff rank. Trial Raid Leader and Raid Leader are below Helper in regards to authority! If you're interested in becoming a moderator, then please wait until that position can be applied for. 


1) What is your real name? 


2) What is your physical age?


3) How long have you been playing Starbound?


4) How long have you been playing on our server? 


5) How active are you? (Be as detailed as possible!)


6) Why do you want to be a Raid Leader? 


7) How well equipped are you? List your top five weapons and current armor. 


8) List how many of the following dungeons you've completed: The Shattered Ship, Castle Bleck, Charre's Castle & Lost Halls. 


9) Are you comfortable leading Raids with your voice? 


10) Are you comfortable with pinging @Registered in #date-of-arrival often? It is your job to commonly schedule raids. 


11) Are you willing to get people's attention with the intent of silencing them (As in making them be quiet)?


12) In great detail, explain how you would lead raiders through dungeons and bosses. 


13) Why should we pick you as a Raid Leader for Rencorner Starbound? 


14) A player rushes the dungeon without the group and without permission, what do you do? (Be Very detailed)


15) A player who wanted to join a dungeon is breaking the set rules at the start (in this case attending without proper equipment), what do you do? How would you handle it if there was no one online to assist you at the time?


16) What does this rank mean to you?


17) List any questions below: 

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