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C&C Remaster gameplay Video


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  • 2 weeks later...

Honestly I didn't realize these are the new textures till I got to the official site and used that nice sliding bar to switch between the old to the new textures.

Maybe because I played lately Dawn of the Tiberium and got used to their textures (If they are new, not sure about it at all)?

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Probably yea...
This is obviously not gonna sell that well, but to the fan base of C&C, they will pay out for it, they're betting on that.

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But isn't it also very low cost to develop? Update the engine to support windows 10 (even if they need to build the engine from scratch, they have the source code of the old one), and new textures. There is no game design at all (balancing, map and missions design, story etc.)

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It depends, although they've distinctly said its a remaster not a remake, so it's probably what iv summarized below.

It will be the bare minimum for sure, no point pouring money into this, it's a quick buck on EA's part, they just own the intellectual properly, and will have to do advertising(minimal), they've contracted out petroglyph games (formerly Westwood employees) to do the work.

What I think they'll probably do to it in summary...

- Limit the frame rate to prevent stupidly fast games/FPS

- Update all the textures

- Update some animations, making them smoother ect..

- Make it run in 4k(confirmed)

- Make it run on newer OS(obviously)

- Make it run on newer graphics cards(obviously)

- Reuse the existing engine and make minimal changes, definitely not remake the engine - although the engine is probably quite basic, and some easy quick win performance modifications here and there(EA probably won't have the expertise to do this at all, it will be all petroglyph doing development)

- Update the menu/UI (they've already said they will only do this SLIGHTLY to not detract from the original title)

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  • 4 months later...

Cnc95 was my favorite game when I was younger and it's why I love renegade so much. I know ea runnied cnc but I recommend any one that loves these games to buy the remastered game and if you can afford buy the anniversary edition ( I know 150.00 USD is a lot for some people )  I may not even play it but I still bought it. This may be our last chance for more cnc games. I think ea is actually listening  to the community and is letting petroglyph do it's thing. Red alert should be next if everything goes well.



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