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Ban "Appeal"


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Alright Joe, we'll end things here and now, as you refused to give me a clear answer on IRC. 


I can understand why Keen and Prof were banned. It may have been a several magnitude over reaction, but the incredibly small reason was there. 

Ep1c killed you in factions, and you used /kill several times on him, which he'll elaborate on. Then the second time, you banned him, explain please.


Now to me, I did absolutely nothing. There's a rule in RCT that says "You are accountable for you", Terraria isn't MC, but is there really a rule that says "You are accountable for you and everyone else in your faction"? You got /co inspect, use it. I had absolutely nothing to do with the sign placement, so Prof is in my faction and Keen is my friend, what difference does it make to me? Even so, a perma ban for remarks such as "cam is a noob". After checking my client side IRC logs again, I was last on about 10 PM EST Yesterday. You and Cam (Both of you enemies to our factions mind you), came on together at 12:20 AM and talked to Prof from what I remember, Ep1c later. I was playing Starbound with Abhorrent, then looked on IRC and saw Ep1c and Prof getting fried. And so I go to bed after you ban both of them. Then Jasmine texts me saying 'You got banned to', at exactly 1:08 PM today, much to my surprise. 


You got some explaining to do, can't 'gtg' out of this one. Then we'll be out of your hair for a long time. 

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Thank you for taking the time to dispute the ban.

I have already made my feelings known in relation to this in our private mod forums.

It will be discussed.

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