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So hey my name is Tyrique good to be back here on rencorner my home i recently came back since i got minecraft and remembered rencorner had a minecraft server so i decided to stop by really enjoyed it aswell as i have been active for a good few days now. Looking back on the forums made honestly made me felt like i was going over a small part of my childhood the posts the people and its sad to see most of the people that i talked to had bonds with are gone now some persons include TheHipsterMcgee, Guard, Madara, Morgan, Doge, Charre and Spacegoat. Looking back also at some of my posts damn i was really annoying as a kid all the unnecessary posts/replies the cringe and yeah thanks for coping with me back then i have matured alot more now and i hope to stay here alot longer.

Im a long time terraria player playing a few months after release buying the collectors edition on ps3 so glad to have  been able to find rencorner actually it was through one of my friends we wanted to play together so we went on Rencorner which we found via a website i then got a liking to it also with the OLD hub on the server many memories with terraria satomi acting as a parent to me very glad to have met such a nice person. Also to that one time i actually applied as Owner and shaitan gave it too me (wish i could still think the application) typed one message saw the rank "Co-Owner" then a few seconds later i got DCed from the game good times feels good looking back at these moments but also sad knowing most of the people who were here with me arent now.


Thanks for reading this if you did if you didnt it is worth the read really glad to be back ❤️.

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