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New donation from shaitan


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This isn't me actually donating. With the NFO yearly payment things are finally going through on Sept 8th for $383.86. I had to jump through their hoops and move $430 of our paypal to my 2nd bank account, then use that to pay the bill. 

This transaction was me moving $46 from my bank account I use for RC, to my normal, and then using that to add the $46 extra back into our normal paypal.

So, yeah, hopefully this won't be a problem next year.

Contrary to what the GOAL says, we still need approximately $80 this month to cover everything. This moving around money crap, and the fact that we're on the hook for the 208 pc still since this shit took so long(22nd was the last day for canceling that box without getting fees).

If you guys know of anyone that might want to rent the 208. pc from us, let me know this month. 

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There was one thing I found out that is pretty cool; we have a direct paypal link to this NFO server's account. So, during this coming year any extra we can put towards it will also not have any of the paypal fees we normally get when you guys donate. It looks like they also accept credit cards/debit cards, since a few guys lately were asking about that.

It'd only go towards that account, so keep that in mind if anyone donates to that link this coming year(IE: we wouldn't be able to pull it out and use it on our other bills(technically it could screw us if we're in a pinch)).

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