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Urgent Help! *Renegade*


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Hey guys! It's {Os}Orion here and lord have I been dying to play Renegade. So after a considerable amount of time away from the game i've been trying to figure out how to play on a new laptop with absolutely nothing to do with Renegade. Anyways I saw a link to three downloads from masscarriers on a post made by SPARTAN some time ago, I proceeded to download all 3 links and once done I 'Setup' my Renegade onto my Windows 10.

When i try to open the installer i get this error: https://gyazo.com/8fef858cc9ca9798a120a270e0325ea2

When I try to open my 'Renegade' icon on my desktop it asks for Admin permission, once I grant this it does absolutely nothing.

I've also tried several different things and went into the Data and opened 'AutoRun' and clicked the 'Play' option, this again asks me to grant admin permission and then does absolutely nothing.

Some time ago if i'm not mistaken Manuel talked me through the details for the RenegadeIP, and I was playing through that, is this no longer an option to go with?

In urgent help here guys! Thanks!


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13 hours ago, rackz said:

The renlist link isn't allowing me to access it. Keeps saying Sorry something went wrong etc etc, I have a registered forums account too.

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Go into the ren-game2 folder at vultima's link, there's a bunch more stuff if you need it(and a copy of the last Renlist-1.0.9(which is also at the main site here)).The ReneStuff.rar one has a readme and other things in it.

That error in the shoutbox looks like permission errs to me. What kind of account is that you're using on Win 10, Users or Administrator?

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