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Heyo! My name is Cq, Cqntact, Odd, Tree, whatever. I've been a part of Rencorner since 2015, but I've never really made a genuine introduction (I'll assume)

I joined the Terraria server back in 2015 after being introduced by a friend. After that, I played more often and my 11 year old mind applied for staff, which at the time was worth acceptance. 

I got demoted. Twice. Both times due for inactivity because of my current state in life and how I kept forgetting to tell someone that I may not be on often due to such


Of course, that state has passed, and here I am now, almost 4 years later (less than a month!). I now spend most of my time on RC on the Starbound server working on some build projects I've chosen to take up on (My Laboratory, Castle Kappa, just name 2). I also do occasionally hop onto Terraria every once in a while (I should get back into it before 1.4 oof)


Anyways hope y'all have a fine day

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