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MikeAdams1966 and GenMayhem


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Just throwing this out there. Caught these 2 trying to help each other into one another's base.

MikeAdams1966 is the APC and GenMayhem is the SBH

Map was Under_RX. Time was approximately 10:23 PM EST.




[10:22:47] <&RCAOW> [KILL] Squirt killed Lunatic44 (Stealth Tank VS. Hotwire/Grenade Launcher)
[10:22:55] <&RCAOW> Player alpha1995 joined the game on team Nod [25/60]
[10:22:56] <&RCAOW> [KILL] MikeAdams1966 killed GenMayhem SQUISH! (Armored Personnel Carrier VS. Stealth Black Hand/Laser Rifle)
[10:22:59] <&RCAOW> [VEHKILL] Havoxx90 destroyed Raptor7575's Mobile Artillery (Havoc/Ramjet Rifle VS. Mobile Artillery) [LD] 0.0
[10:23:00] <&RCAOW> MonthlyRank alpha1995 has 190 rank points and is ranked at position 129 out of 632 players.
[10:23:00] <&RCAOW> alpha1995 has 1270 rank points and is ranked at position 1019 out of 11796 players.
[10:23:01] <&RCAOW> Host: Shotgun, flamethrower, sniper rifle, alpha1995 is a master of them all, less the sleep -- it gets in the way of renegade! (134 recommendations)
[10:23:04] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] alpha1995 is using Scripts 4.6 8270.
[10:23:04] <&RCAOW> [KILL] korealex killed nytpanthr HEADSHOT! (Havoc/Ramjet Rifle VS. Engineer/Automatic Pistol)
[10:23:08] <&RCAOW> Lunatic44: !mods
[10:23:08] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] No known moderators are currently in the server.




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