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Funny issue w/network (no help needed)


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For the last few weeks I had been doing nothing with my internet at home besides play Renegade.

I decided to DL a torrent and was getting terrible speeds. I am SUPPOSED to have:

200Mbps down

20Mbps up

Consistently I was getting:

2.5Mbps down (sometimes 8Mbps, tested a few times after resets & clears and etc)

4 Mbps up

With RENEGADE I didnt even notice! A crash here and there where I had lost connection, but that is nothing unusual where I live.

So how much bandwith is optimal in a 10 vs 10 REN match? Not much, eh?


Now it's fixed (was bad coax between wall and modem) and I still notice no difference in REN playing. HA! (no lag, ever client side)


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Upon joining the server will set your bandwith if you are referring to that console command to default(I think), at the very least we don't allow it to be set below a certain value, this is to prevent people abusing it to make themselves lag(Jammer loves to do this).


I just misread your entire topic and made the response below, haha, oh well il spolier tag it.

Testing your internet speeds with torrents is super unreliable. Use www.speedtest.net or www.fast.com if in the US(since some ISPs were caught prioritising traffic to speedtest to make it seem better, but on the other hand, throttling netflix, who owns fast.com).

If you are getting 200Mb(Bandwidth is measured in megabits), it's different from megabytes(file size). - Divide by 8 for the conversion


200Mbits = 25MB max download speed potential, but you'll never be able to actually get that, too many factors to mention as alot can go wrong by the time you make contact with the server your downloading from.

I say this because I highly doubt you have 200Byte connection, that would be 1.6Gbit internet, which is possible but highly unlikely you'd have these issues with that haha.


Also side note - depending on the torrent client it has to be configured correctly, open up the maximum connections and change it from the default of 50 to 9999, you also need to be fair when allowing people to seed, I remember certain clients would throttle your download hard if you set your upload speed/capacity to something silly like 56kb.

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oh yeah I used speedtest, I just noticed my seedbox was almost 0, I thought I forgot to pay my bill lol.


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