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Prof's Application for VIP on Starbound


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1. What is your real name?


2. What are your main character's names? (Try to pick 1)


3. How often and how long have you been playing on Rencorner Starbound?

every few days whenever someone like Skilz or Ep1c is on or when I feel like it; March 19.

4. How old are you?


5. Why do you want to be a Starbound VIP?

Skilz told me to apply.

6. How long have you been playing Starbound?

When I bought it on March 19.

7. How well is your knowledge of weapon creation?

None because I found out about it just now because of Skilz.

8. Do you play any other Rencorner hosted games? (such as Terraria/Minecraft).  


9. Is there anything else you would like to add?


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Welcome to VIP ProfessorMFL, looks like you absolutely will not contribute to making custom weapons anytime soon, but enjoy the various other perks that are available with VIP! (Possibly custom commands if and we're out of Beta). 

~ Skilz

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